Chatsworth Guitars creates individually hand-crafted lap steel guitars.

Built from premium tone woods and high quality components and electronics, each instrument is a personalized work of guitar art.


Our goal is to create unique instruments that are a pleasure to see, hold, play and hear.

Every Chatsworth Guitars lap steel embodies the classic look and vibe of traditional guitar design, while offering the benefits of one-piece construction ~ body, neck and headstock are crafted from a single tone wood unit, providing impressive sustain and resonance.


Hollowbody / Hollo-Neck designs allow the entire instrument to function as a resonating chamber, creating unique alternatives to solidbody tones. Custom T6 aluminum, brass or bone nuts round out each guitar's unique sonic personality.


Attention to detail is important ~  while many builders rely on printed-on fret position markers, all Chatsworth Guitars lap steels are painstakingly fitted with hand dressed and polished stainless steel fretwork, adding a look and character that is simply just sexier.


To avoid burying the wood's resonance under too many laquer layers,  Chatsworth Guitars have lighter, "furniture" finishes, allowing the character of the tone woods to shine through more naturally and resonate more beautifully.

Fretboards can be ordered with either hand rubbed Tung Oil or light Poly finishes. 


The Models page has examples of recent builds ~ New instruments are always in progress.

Check out the guitars from the 
"Weathered Series" on the Models  page...
Fabulously well worn, these guitars are designed, finished and outfitted to look, play and sound like well-experienced, decades-old instruments. The vibe is distinctly vintage and well-worn, and the tone ~ from sweet, bell-like chime to raw, gritty drive ~ represents the very best of our "Creamy to Screamy" sonic philosophy.

Contact us to inquire about options or to start your new custom lap steel guitar.