Q: Is it a Lap Steel or a BottleNeck Guitar? 
A: Yes. Yes it is.

The BottleNeck Steel

Designed to accommodate both Bottleneck and Lap Steel playing styles. 
One piece Body/Neck design provides outstanding resonance & sustain. 
Configuration options available.

Bring out a little Split Personality in your playing style...
Designed with a slimmer, lighter profile to better accommodate bottleneck style play, the dual-purpose BottleNeck Steel retains the lap steel's higher string heights to deliver full, vibrant slide tones in either lap or strap configuration.

And, unlike traditional lap steels' thicker, square necks, The BottleNeck Steel has a rounded, slimmer, more "guitar-like" profile to better accommodate stap-based play.

The 23" scale length offers a very comfortable and compact fretboard with easy access to all 24 frets (and a bit beyond!).
As with all Chatsworth Guitars Lap Steels, custom configurations and component options are always available.
The BottleNeck Steel's design is intended to blend a vintage/retro vibe with more contemporary, sleek lines.

Contact us to start configuring your custom build.