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New, Custom Line of Fabulous Hand-Built Amplifiers. Chatsworth Guitars provides prototype cabinet builds...

Meet Steve Brewer (left), mastermind behind the fabulous new Orion Amps ~ be sure to check out these tone-monsters! Contact Steve at: Web:
Special Order 13 String Lap Steel  Model LS13JX
Design, materials and component choices were an ongoing collaboration between client and builder...everything the client wanted in his dream guitar, he got  in this custom tone monster!
Inlaid Ebony & Maple Position Markers
Frets ripped from ebony and maple are inlaid into the 36-fret, 5-inch wide Bolivian Rosewood fretboard

Curly Maple Body

Bolivian Rosewood Fretboard

Ebony/Maple Inlay  Position Markers

Custom Machined
T6 Aluminum Nut and Bridge

Custom Lollar 
13-String Pickups

Schaller Mini Tuning Mahines


Unique Digital Instrument
This unique project, developed in conjunction with Electronic Instrument Designer and Audio Mastering Specialist Clay Burton, involved utilization of a mahogany cigar box to house a one-of-a kind digital instrument , the LFS-1. Complete with custom aged-brass decorative hardware, touch-sensitive sliders and chicken head knobs, the result is visually Futurist-Steam-Punk and the sound is fabulously like nothing you've ever heard before! 

The completed
LFS-1, ready for creating improvisational compositions. 


Vintage KAY Banjo 
This repair project is the restoration of a badly worn and rusted vintage KAY Banjo. 
The goal is to keep as much of the original components as possible while bring back its voice and self respect...
The vintage head is not one of the original components that will survive the resurrection~a new one is on the agenda...

NEW Pickups and Custom Cover Plate

This beat up workhorse is getting a personality transplant ~ A new bridge, a P-90 at the neck and a Mini Humbucker at the bridge to replace the crappy original pups...

...And to pull it all together ~ a Custom T6 Aluminum cover plate with the engraved image of Kthulu, the H.P. Lovecraft sci-fi character.

Replace Brian May Standard Pickguard

Work is underway to replace the stock pick guard on this Brian May beauty~ out with the standard plastic ~
in with a custom BirdsEye Maple
cover plate.

First steps require careful transfer of all dimensions, cutouts and screw hole placements to the new plate material.

Next: Refitting and wiring all electronics into new pick guard.
And finally, a beautiful and totally unique new pick guard and matching decorative plates for this lucky Brian May guitar... 

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